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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Malik & The O.G's - The L100 Show KCC Live 99.8fm - 2017

Malik & The O.G's on KCC Live L100 show with Dj 2Kind

Malik & The O.G's New EP out Nov 1st 2017

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Revolution Will Be Live! - 2017 Tour


Prosounity Music & Yesternight Productions 
In Association With Edge Hill University 
& Cambridge International Jazz Festival Presents…






The Revolution Will Be Live! - 2017 Tour


Kim Jordan Plays
Gil Scott-Heron.

Kim Jordan toured the world as Gil Scott-Heron’s Musical Director for more than three decades, until his untimely death in 2011. Kim pays homage to Scott-Heron’s legacy by “Remembering Gil” with this special tribute concert.

Kim’s tribute has toured the USA playing NYC, DC, Detroit and Vegas as well as a London debut earlier this year. Both Kim and Malik spent years touring with Gil and are committed to ensuring that his musical and spoken word activist legacy lives on and as such, have brought both of their unique tributes together, for this very special showcase of “The Revolution will be Live!”  Kim’s set highlights Gil’s best-known hits, which spoke to the relevant issues of the past, yet continue to address the social ills of today. Whilst Malik & The O.G’s set, is a Gil Scott-Heron and Last Poets inspired mix of original spoken word and song, addressing some of the contemporary issues of freedom, liberty and social injustice. Both sets represent a part of Gils artistic legacy direct from the source.

Kim Jordans Reviews…

Leonard Burnett – Upscale Magazine “Amazing Show! A Beautiful Experience of Sight, Sound and Significance.” 

Regina Carter – International Jazz Violinist  “It was a Slamming first set and from the reaction of the packed room, we all needed that. Congratulations!”

Frank Malfitano, Director of the Syracuse Jazz Festival“One of the most dynamic performances and entertainers I’ve ever seen.”


Malik & The O.G's.
Protégé of Gil Scott-Heron.

Malik Al Nasir is an activist, poet and filmmaker from Liverpool. He is a protégé of legendary spoken word activists Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets. The author of the book “Ordinary Guy (By Mark T. Watson – his former name) Malik published this collection of poetry in 2004, after years of mentoring by Gil Scott-Heron and as a tribute to him and The Last Poets. 
The film based upon his book, is called “Word Up From Ghetto to Mecca” which premiered at Phoenix cinema in Leicester in 2011 (Black History month) and at FACT in Liverpool in 2015, followed by a series of screenings and live Q & A’s in Canada in 2015/16 as part of a series of tribute events to the late Gil Scott-Heron under the banner of “The Revolution Will Be Live!” Word-Up will again be screened at Cambridge 'Arts Picture House' Cinema, on Sunday 19th November 2017 as part of a series of events entitled “The Revolution Will Be Live at Cambridge International Jazz Festival!” 

This will also embody a live performance of Malik & The O.G’s at Cambridge Wine Merchants on Saturday 18th November 2017 and a very exclusive presentation and listening session with the Cambridge Chapter of the internationally renowned “Classic Album Sundays” at the ‘hidden rooms’ in Cambridge on Sun 19th Nov. The listening session will focus on the classic Gil Scott-Heron album “Pieces of a man” Malik as Gil’s long time student will present the introduction to this rare session.

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Malik & The O.G’s Reviews…

Raoul Juneja – NOW Magazine “Through his writing, music and live performances, Malik Al Nasir is continuing the legacy of his late mentor Gil Scott-Heron”

Glyn Akroyd – Bido Lito Magazine (Front cover article)  
“Malik delivers a beautifully lyrical performance, another verse in the extraordinary life of an ordinary guy!”

Paul Lester, The Guardian “In 1984, a chance encounter between Scott-Heron and Al Nasir, then a self-described “illiterate street kid” in Liverpool, led to him taking the 18-year-old under his wing. Today, Al Nasir boasts a master’s degree.”

Michael Edwards – UK Vibe Magazine “St George’s Hall, Liverpool provided an opportunity for Malik to put on a fabulous tribute concert in honour of the great wordsmith, who guided him throughout his formative and adult years.”

Paul Bradshaw - Beyond Chaser "Mentored by both Jalal and the late great Gil Scott-Heron, Malik brought his own poetic life experience to the event and his no nonsense delivery came wrapped in the warm, versatile vocals of Cleveland Watkiss and Chantelle Nandi."


Featured Artist with Malik & The O.G's
Canadian Songstress

Rita Carter 

"Ottawa-born singer-songwriter Rita Carter is steadily becoming one of her city’s most darling and well-respected voices. Rita’s reputation as a powerfully sincere and unquestionably talented performer is a testament not only to her raw creative ability, but also her faith in music as a source of personal and communal revelation. Within the lines of Rita Carter’s verses, and, most notably, within the dynamic space of any one of her performances, listeners and observers will feel Rita’s pure love of music and of people.

 Rita’s honesty, surety and strong vocal presence have made her a sought-after and much admired performer, as evidenced by her appearances at Ottawa’s Reggae Festival, Ottawa’s African Festival, Windsor’s Emancipation Day Festival and Ottawa’s House of Paint’s Urban Art Festival. Her notoriety and acclaim have also taken her far beyond the borders of her home province: she has brought her soulful, strikingly-honest music to stages in Italy, Uganda, Kenya, the UK, as well as New York. In recent years, Rita Carter’s range of experience has prompted her to move into arenas beyond singing and song-writing. She is the regular co-host of 1Night, Ottawa’s only live entertainment talk show, and has been a frequent mentor to emerging artists in her city, helping them to learn techniques of song composition and guitar playing. 

Rita Carter is a woman whose talent, sincerity and passion make her a worthy and remarkable artist in every one of her creative forays. In her life, as in her career, one thing is certain: wherever Rita Carter goes, music is sure to follow. In Rita Carter’s capable hands, music becomes what it most needs to be: a weapon, a peace offering, and even more often, an expression of deep humanity, humility and strength."

Instagram: @ritacartermusic

Rita Carters Reviews…

Lynn Saxberg - Ottawa Citizen “Genocide was released on Carter’s 2009 second album, All of Me, a more fully realised follow-up to her debut EP, A Piece of Me, which was almost entirely self-made. The third instalment in the trilogy will be All of We, the one she’s working on now.”

Eric ScharfOttawa Showbox “Rita Carter was my favourite performance while the sun was still shining.”


Classic Album Sundays 
& Cambridge International Jazz Festival 
present Gil Scott-Heron's Album

‘Pieces of a Man' Listening Session + Intro and Q & A with Malik Al Nasir.

Hidden Rooms, 7b Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA.

19th Nov 2017 @ 14:00 pm - 17:00 pm


In partnership with - Audio Note

Many music enthusiasts are unaware of how good a home audio system can sound and the enjoyment it can bring. To demonstrate this, Audio Note have collaborated with Classic Album Sundays, installing a variety of high performance hi-fi systems at Hidden Rooms, where a selection of classic albums from the last 40 years have been enjoyed on vinyl. 


Classic Album Sundays 
& Cambridge International Jazz Festival
present a special screening of...

 “Word-Up - From Ghetto to Mecca” 

& “Who is Gil Scott-Heron?”  
+ Q & A with Malik Al Nasir & Rumal Rackley (GSH Estate).

Arts Picture House Cinema 
38-39 St Andrew’ St, Cambridge, CB2 3AR. UK.
Sun 19th Nov.  8pm - 10pm


Revolutionary poets and founders of contemporary RAP music, Gil Scott Heron and legendary Last Poet Jalal Nuriddin have come together in an unprecedented exclusive to endorse Malik Al Nasir (a.k.a Mark T. Watson's) poetry book “Ordinary Guy”. Malik takes us on a poetic journey from Liverpool, to London, Paris to Washington DC whilst demonstrating how his poetry has been shaped and encouraged by these giants of the spoken word genre under whose very hands he was schooled. It also features a critique of Malik's poetry by UK dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah. The film is Directed by Shirani Sabaratnam.


When Gil Scott Heron died in 2010, he left behind a body of work that has influenced writers, academics and musicians. He’s been called ‘the godfather of rap’ and ‘the black Bob Dylan’ and his words have influenced every generation of hip-hop. Directed by Jane Forsyth and Iain Pollard (20,000 Days On Earth), this film is a portrait of Gil Scott Heron seen through the eyes of those who loved him - his friends, his family, and the musicians he played with.

Our guest for this special double bill is Gil’s protégé - Liverpool author and performance poet Malik Al Nasir. Read his story.



University of Cambridge
Centre of Latin American Studies
& Yesternight Productions 

In Association With 
Cambridge International Jazz Festival 

Recital / Seminar

“Artists as Activists 
Malik Al Nasir (protégé of Gil Scott-Heron)” 
Friday 17th Nov 5-7pm
University of Cambridge, 
Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
Faculty of English 
7 West Road, Cambridge. CB3 9DP. UK. 

British Guyanese poet and spoken word artist ‘Malik Al Nasir’ (Malik & The O.G’s) discusses how colonialism and slavery destroys identity and disrupts the  historical transition of cultural self-awareness for the black Diaspora.  Malik describes his incredible lifelong journey and how he took back his Afro-South American cultural identity, in a post-colonial world and how he is reasserting his cultural roots through arts and activism. 

Malik discusses the significance of genealogy, anthropology and DNA in establishing "who we actually are."  Malik states “My own journey back to Guyana to re-connect with my South American roots, was actually both a quest for lost family ties and a search for historical truth. Discovering I had an indigenous Amerindian grandmother, further complicated an already convoluted sense of self and the discovery of my Scottish aristocratic slave-owner ancestry, will offer the basis of a paradigm shift in how we view Transatlantic slavery – as it was practiced in Demerara South America. 

Malik will address the issues of “Assimilation vs acculturation” – with a reference to the annihilation of his own cultural identity in the UK and how the art form of poetry - coupled with the activism of his mentors Gil Scott-Heron & The Last Poets, combined to both educate him - from an almost illiterate street kid to an academic with a masters degree - and shape his own activism.

Finally, to contextualize Malik’s activism, he will explore the significance of the “Black Arts Movement” in America and his own place in that continuum, via Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets, to continue their legacy. He will elucidate upon the role of the “Artivist” (artist / activist) in the realignment of cultural identity against a backdrop of colonial bias.


The Revolution Will Not Be..?

24th Oct 2017 - 10:00am - 25th Oct 2017, 10:00pm

Click here for updates

Tuesday 24th October 10am-10pm
Wednesday 25th October 10am-10pmThe Revolution Will Not Be..?

Free Event.
A 24-hour red, black & white happening that reworks ‘The revolution will not be televised’ and features live music, installation, film, animations, merchandise stalls with t-shirts, badges and screenprints, banners, projections, seminars, workshops in spoken word, dance and music, special guests and a free live improvised finale.
A new Arts Centre EHU commission by Alan Dunn in collaboration with Cavalier Song and artists Michael Boucher, Erin Caine, with Edge Hill University students, Leeds Beckett University, Sound City, Rich Rath & the University of Hawaii, Malik Al Nasir and members of Gil Scott-Heron’s family and band.
We will also be welcoming Gil Scott-Heron’s band, his daughter Che Scott-Heron, Malik Al Nasir and other guests for The Revolution Will Be Live, a special night of music in tribute to the late, great Gil Scott-Heron. DATE TO BE CONFIRMED.

The Arts Centre
Edge Hill University
St Helens Road
L39 4QP

 Tel: +44 (0)1695 584480

Please keep checking this website page for updates on this event.

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